Oct 26 2011

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METAL HISTORY MADE IN THE UAE – Nervecell & Metallica

 Over 25,000 Metallica fans packed into the Yas Arena last night to pay tribute to what is undoubtedly the band that defined the thrash metal genre, Metallica.

Young and old of every nationality were united in a love of music and, the roar that greeted the band as they came on stage to their opening tune, An Ecstacy of Gold, was the loudest we have ever heard for any band at Yas.

We were amazed, wowed and humbled to listen to the loudest sing-a-longs we have ever heard, every single one of those 25,000 people were 110% there for the music.

Metallica began their set with Creeping Death and followed with For Whom the Bell Tolls , the screams got louder, the headbanging got harder and mini-moshpits were attempted. The crowd surged forward as the opening bars hit the stadium and there was just about breathing room only. It was sweaty it was hot and it was history in the making and we were part of that history. There is nothing like hearing Metallica play those songs you have grown up listening to right there, on stage just metres away, that alone is enough to make you tingle from your head to your toes! And despite this being out second Metallica concert, that feeling does not go away.

As we were headbanging, we noticed a couple in national dress standing behind us, we went and had a quick chat, it turns out that Metallica is the lady’s favourite band, admittedly her husband did not look so keen, but it was so good to see metal being supported by UAE nationals.

We met some truly amazing people from all over the world and have to say it was definitely an experience that was not to be missed.

Despite it being a great show, we could not help but feel there was a little something missing from their performance; we are putting it down to jet-lag and the heat, other people we spoke to said they thought the band did not want to be there. We think they did AND think they were damn surprised at the amazing welcome they got from the UAE.

Nervecell, the UAE’s very own thrash/death metal band opened for Metallica and they showed the crowd exactly why they were chosen to open for Metallica. They were amazing and you could feel the emotion pouring off the stage with every drumbeat, every riff and every verse they played and sang. They played some of their songs off both their albums, Preaching Venom and Psychogenocide, and got the crowd all revved up for MORE METAL.

We spoke to an American couple whilst roaming around giving out stickers and they said they had not really heard of any UAE metal bands but were very impressed by the standard and quality of Nervecell.

Metality UAE was so very proud to see these guys fulfilling their dream of opening for the biggest thrash metal band in the world.

Last night was a historic night for the UAE and hopefully the beginning of an increased awareness and acceptance of metal music in the region and all we can say it THANK YOU METALLICA & NERVECELL!

The Metallica set-list ran as follows:
Creeping Death
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ride the Lightning
Fade to Black
The Memory Remains
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
All Nightmare Long
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman

Am I Evil?
Seek & Destroy

Catch Nervecell playing this Friday (Oct28th) at Hellish Halloween at Metal Asylum, Cheers Bar, The Lodge, Al Nasr Leisureland alongside prog metallers Anuryzm and more. Doors open 9pm.

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